1. In order to maximize our time together, please print and fill out the intake form prior to your therapist's arrival.


2. Clear a space for the treatment table approximately 10' x 15.' Ensure the space is clear of obstacles. You may want to sweep or vacuum the floor -

this maximizes therapist and client safety!


3. Gather two or three twin-sized pillows for your comfort.


Sit back and relax - we take care of the rest!


Please give notice of at least 24 hours to avoid the $60 cancellation fee. 

Without notice and upon your massage therapist’s arrival to your home, the full fee of your appointment will be charged.



Please notify us if your home is not a smoke-free environment, or if there are individuals living in the home who smoke.


We are unable to service homes that smell of smoke. This is for the health and protection of the therapist and other clients.


Please do not burn candles or incense before your appointment and avoid wearing heavy scents, such as perfume and cologne.


We reserve the right to terminate service at any point before or during your treatment if you fail to notify us that your home is not smoke-free or if a scent is overwhelming. The full fee of your appointment may be charged.


Thank you for understanding and cooperating!


Helping Hands Mobile Massage serves individuals of diverse backgrounds and displays the inverted rainbow triangle to represent the safe space that we create for the LGBTQIA+ community.


Helping Hands upholds the values of respect and dignity and has zero tolerance for any form of hate speech. We encourage nonpolitical, nonreligious topics of conversation during your appointment and we reserve the right to terminate service at any point before, during, or after your treatment for hate speech. The full fee of your appointment may be charged.


Thank you!




Serving the regions of York and Durham.

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